Are your experts invisible? Do you know what it's costing your organization?


The Dangers of a Low Audience Engagement Score

  • Missed Media Inquiries: Print and broadcast media will go elsewhere if they can't find your faculty.

  • Poor Research Recognition: Lacking detail on faculty research means less licensing revenues and government grants.

  • Poor Search: Google is a common starting point, so you need to appear in the first few pages.

  • Wasted Resources: Media relations, academic affairs and alumni teams have to work harder to manage content and drive engagement.

  • Less Engaged Visitors: Lack of multimedia content means less traffic on your website.

  • Faculty Engagement: Faculty love an online presence that recognizes their work.



The Audience Engagement Score Shows How Your Content Performs in 5 Key Areas:

  • Can audiences quickly search for your faculty experts and their content by topics, keywords and names?  
  • Are you missing important leads because your faculty content isn’t ranking high enough in Google search results?



  • Do you have up-to-date content such as videos, photos, publications and social media feeds available for journalists to review prior to booking media interviews? 
  • Are you creating news alerts for breaking or popular topics to make them more interesting to prospective clients and journalists? 
  • Can visitors quickly review detailed biographies and overviews of your faculty related to their areas of research? 
  • Have you made it easy for audiences to reach you and your faculty experts within seconds at the moment you have their interest? Or are they going to other schools?


  • Is your content well designed for a growing base of mobile phone and tablet users?

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