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The biggest editorial calendar in the world just got better.

The Associated Press’ AP Planner now officially includes access to ExpertFile’s global directory of experts, helping journalists building stories to find the right sources.


Plan ahead. Stay ahead.

100,000+ events

View as many or as few as you need.

Why Use AP Planner?

12-month calendar

Plan ahead with a yearly rolling calendar and save time by managing story ideas proactively.

100 categories

Stay informed about industry trends and competitor activity.

Find the events you need to know about, all in one place.

AP Planner contains hundreds of thousands of future events spread across diverse categories, including political schedules, financial and economic announcements, trade and consumer conferences, award ceremonies, holidays and more.

A Complete Solution for Media Relations

ExpertFile's directory provides organizations around the world with access to experts in 25,000+ topics, 200 industries and 100 countries.

ExpertFile is Trusted by Leading Organizations

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