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Loyola-Marymount University faced a dilemma. How do we tackle organizing faculty and content across all of our departments, making both them and the outside world happy? They realized they needed to think differently. Changing the game turned into incredible results.

Communications Gumbo: How Strategy, Content and PR Work Together

If you work on a small communications team these days you know how tough the job can get. Tight timelines, a ruthless, fast-paced news cycle and growing organizational appetites for media coverage on bite-sized budgets. So, as a communicator, how do you respond?

In late 2015 Wake Forest University embarked on an ambitious goal: radically promote Wake Forest stories, create an amazing experience for news media and eliminate barriers by providing as much content, access and support as possible. They wanted massive reach, awareness and distribution of their content.

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Top 5 Lessons for
Building an Award-Winning Online Newsroom

Faculty members - their research, scholarship, and teaching - offer some of the richest stories for an institution to share. Join mStoner CEO Voltaire Santos Miran and ExpertFile Director Deanne Taenzer as they talk about the use of story to engage mind and heart and the role of technology in managing and measuring that content.

Storytelling Through Faculty

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As many non-profits, foundations and academia are quickly discovering, donor behaviour of late has changed. Causeways like email marketing, social media, website landing pages, donor challenges, etc., have confused and confounded how and where donors choose to give. It’s time to demystify digital marketing.

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Mastering the Donor Journey in a Digital Era

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Feeding The Content Beast: How LMU Gets The Best Results

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