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Why a focus on experts can help you boost employee culture and drive corporate visibility and reputation.

How to design and calculate the ROI for an Trusted Advisory Program.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, experts are of top importance by potential buyers; yet most organizations have focused more on products and services and keep their expertise hidden. This is changing as evidence emerges that proves the value of making experts more approachable at the front end of the sales process.

For example, IBM’s new “Expert Advice” program is generating thousands of leads by making key employees available for one on one phone calls with prospects for an informed, no pressure conversation. IBM also reports that conversion rates (from consultation to pipeline) are 30% or 400% higher than some of their other, more conventional marketing programs. Furthermore, 40% of the leads they are generating are “white space” accounts that were not on IBM’s radar. 


Are you selling in a complex market or implementing an Account Based Marketing program? Are you selling in a B2B market such as technology or professional services? Then it’s critical you and your team understands how experts fit into your marketing and sales programs to drive new business.

Why expert conversations can work better than content for high value sales prospects.

Launching A Trusted Advisor Program to Create Expert Qualified Leads

How to identify, recruit and incent your experts to maximize your success.

How experts help you generate trust, attention and engagement across the buyer journey

Meet the Speakers

Deanne Taenzer is an authority on developing online thought leadership content programs that leverage an organization’s experts. She works with leading corporations, research universities, and healthcare organizations to drive engagement with a range of audiences including media, patients, researchers, students, partners, and donors. In her role leading institutional and agency partnerships she has worked with clients such as UNC Chapel Hill, University Health Network, Emory University, Wake Forest University, McCombs School of Business, and many others.

Peter Evans is an innovator that works at the intersection of information services, digital media and SaaS software. He is the CEO & Co-Founder of ExpertFile - the world’s first expert marketing platform built for corporations, higher education, healthcare institutions and industry associations. Peter currently serves as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR) with the MaRS Advisory Services Group in Toronto. He is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist at technology and marketing events. 

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