Feeding the Content Beast


Watch now and learn how to:

Create a never empty content goldmine.

Centrally organize, manage and promote content.

Loyola-Marymount University faced a dilemma. How do we tackle organizing faculty and content across all of our departments, making both them and the outside world happy? They realized they needed to think differently. Changing the game turned into incredible results.

Join Ben Sullivan of Loyola-Marymount University to learn how LMU used incredible faculty content to generate over 2,000 inquiries from media, event organizers, students and others, created a much happier communications team and even won a Webby award with their new website!

Get results that even the President will recognize.

Give all departments visibility and control of faculty content.

How LMU Generates Award-Winning Results

Solve department needs for faculty directories, newsrooms, experts guides and faculty highlight pages. 

Meet the Speakers.

Ben Sullivan has been at LMU since 2005. He is the web manager for Bellarmine College, Seaver College and has primary responsibility for the university’s content management system (CMS). Sullivan is spearheading LMU’s move away from the FTP-based MyWeb service for personal faculty websites to a WordPress-powered solution. In his spare time he runs the science blogging network ScienceBlog.com, and is a Saturday crew member at the L.A. Catholic Worker soup kitchen.

Darryl Praill is a high-tech marketing executive with over 25 years experience spanning startups, re-starts, consolidations, acquisitions, and divestments. He has been widely quoted in the media including television, press, and trade publications. He is a guest lecturer, public speaker, and radio personality and has been the feature of numerous podcasts and case studies. His approach to marketing has been chronicled in multiple bestselling books. You can learn more about him at darrylpraill.com.

Deanne Taenzer is an authority on developing online thought leadership content programs that leverage an organization’s experts. She works with leading corporations, research universities, and healthcare organizations to drive engagement with a range of audiences including media, patients, researchers, students, partners, and donors. In her role leading institutional and agency partnerships she has worked with clients such as UNC Chapel Hill, University Health Network, Emory University, Wake Forest University, McCombs School of Business, and many others.

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